Brooklyn’s ripping metal outfit Mutilation Rites emerge out of the underground once again with their highly anticipated new album “Chasm”. A turbulent, caustic take on deathly black metal, “Chasm” sees the Mutilation Rites at the height of their songwriting, as they venture further into the darkest shades of black and absolute dread.

Each of the album’s 6 tracks sees the band mix an evocative combination of death metal, punk rock, grindcore, and more to create a new sonic identity, and on this album the band is joined by drummer Tyler Coburn (Yautja, Alraune.) With a new, revitalized lineup in place, Mutilation Rites are poised to storm the gates with a new, genre-bending approach to extreme music. Behold total death!
— Perfect World
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The Autotunes at The Teachers’ Lounge, 2016



Mutilation Rites is a Brooklyn, NY based black metal band with crust and death metal influences.

Est. 2009



George Paul
Guitar / Vocals

Michael Dimmitt

Ryan Jones
Bass / Vocals